5th Annual 2023 Client Appreciation Photoshoot

September 16th - Register Below


5th ANNUAL 2023 Annual Client Appreciation Photoshoot

I am very grateful for all the clients I have had the privilege of serving and as a way to show my gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to be your trusted Realtor and introducing me to your friends and family over the last 7 years, I am so excited to host my Annual Client Appreciation Photoshoot. 

Why do I do this? Well I love my clients, and grateful for the support your give me through your referrals and connections to continue to serve others and this is my way of saying THANK YOU for allowing me to be apart of your journey, and an opportunity for me to see you and re-connect! 😍

I have hired for you an AMAZING local professional photographer, Snezhana's Photographyand gorgeous and timeless photo studio ​to allow me the opportunity to gift you a free mini family (or solo) photo session and you'll get 5 beautiful professional photos 📷 to frame in your home or send out as a Christmas Card!

We will have Everlasting Coffee Co serving your delicious crafted coffee and other goodies! ☕️

​See details below to register your time slot! 

***Due to limited availability, if choose to take part in this, please arrive 10-15min before you selected time, to allow you to freshen up and be ready to SMILE at your registered time. If plans change please use the link to cancel, or select a different time. If you are unable to make it, please cancel a few days in advance so that the times can be gifted to others.***


Saturday, SEPTEMBER 16TH 2023
Time: 11:00am-6:30pm 


From the heart...

Thank you for your continuous support throughout the years! 
If you know anyone who may benefit from the
service I provide, please connect them with me. I will be sure to take great care of your friends and family.
​Your referrals mean the world to me! 

❤️ Tatyana Gavrilyuk 

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We are dedicated to providing world-class service to every client we are blessed to work with. In our life, we have found it important to work with people that convey loyalty, honesty, integrity, and trust, as well as the ability to build honest relationships with people.

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