Happy Valley is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Portland and the country.

Welcome to Happy Valley

A safe, family-friendly suburban paradise

Happy Valley is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Portland and the country. The city is located in the highlands of Oregon, overlooking the greater Portland metropolitan area and offering residents beautiful views. Happy Valley offers residents a favorable climate for most of the year with no heavy snowfall. The city's neighborhoods are designed beautifully, giving homeowners easy access to access roads, parks, shopping centers, and other popular destinations. 

The homes in Happy Valley are mostly single-unit family homes, intended to provide residents with the privacy and peace they deserve. However, Happy Valley residents still have a strong sense of community, and being in the city for a few days will make you feel like part of its close-knit family. 

The city has everything you want in a suburb, from upscale restaurants, fast-food spots, shopping centers, farmers' markets, and outdoor activities. The city's proximity to Portland makes it easy for residents to move around either for work or recreation, and with an effective light rail system covering the greater Portland metropolitan area, commuting is a breeze.

What to Love

  • Stunning views
  • Easy access to outdoor facilities and activities
  • Various trails and waterfalls
  • Beautiful homes 

Local Lifestyle

Life in Happy Valley is calm and simple, with residents going about their business. Living here affords you ample privacy and peace where no external factors can interrupt your quality of life. As the name suggests, life in the city is almost always happy with its various amenities and outdoor features. Most residents are outdoor lovers and spend their free time exploring the trails, waterfalls, and other outdoor spaces available. It is easy to access these outdoor areas since the road network is extensive and well-maintained, reducing the distance a person has to cover to get to their destination. 

Dining, Entertainment, & Shopping

Margarita Factory is a popular locale that serves tasty Mexican fare and gourmet meals with regular happy hours. En Vida PDX is an American-Latin restaurant specializing in dishes from Colombia, Brazil, and Cuba.  Another classic restaurant is Hops n Drops, selling all the delicious meals you could possibly want. As the name suggests, Ranch Pizza specializes in unique pizzas with various beverage pairings.

Things to Do

Living in Happy Valley offers you access to many outdoor green spaces. Some popular locations in Happy Valley include Happy Valley Park, North Clackamas Aquatic Park, and Mount Scott Nature Park. These parks offer a variety of activities to Happy Valley residents, from hiking, jogging, cycling, and swimming.


Happy Valley has many stand out schools, one of which is:

  • Verne A. Duncan Elementary School, Grades K-5
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